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In the mid 80s, things weren't going too well for Fender.

The name, tarnished by CBS, was finally being sold to an investor group led by Bill Schultz.

After the buyout from CBS the investors found themselves victim of a contract clause that listed the foreign factories as part of the purchase but not the US Fullerton facilities.

This led Fender to be solely supported by their foreign sales until the new factories could be tooled and up and running.

As the story goes, in 1986-1987, Kramer, always being the market conscious company, jumped on the Strat/Tele bandwagon with the Classic series.

Perhaps established a bit too late to gain much of the Strat market, (Fender began producing USA guitars again in late 1985, but very few) the Classic series were based on the designs of the original Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster. All models had the "classic" or "beak" headstock as earlier Kramers had.

These are the models which the name of the "classic" shaped headstock actually got it's moniker.

Before the Classic series came out, that headstock was simply referred to as the "beak" or the "modified Strat" headstock.

Headstocks are maple-faced with the block Kramer logo and model designation in black.

Also, this is the domestic Classic series we are talking about here, not to be confused with the Focus Classics which bore resemblance.

See the Focus page for information regarding the Focus "Classic" series.

The Classic I was the traditional Strat shape with 3 single coil Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups and a fourth single coil hidden underneath the pickguard purely for hum cancellation.